12 National days you need to celebrate


Today is National American Beer Day, and I only know that because I Googled it. I don’t need an excuse to drink a beer, but it’s good to know. National American Beer Day probably isn’t the most workplace-friendly national day to celebrate, but I’ve put together a calendar to pinpoint days you can!

  1. National clean your desk day: It’s the 2nd Monday of January and it is a real day. Throw out those post-its you don’t need, along with the chewed pens and misshapen paperclips.
  2. National pizza day: 9th February. Who doesn’t like pizza? Next year the 9th Feb falls on a Friday. Finish work early and get some pizzas delivered to the office. Everyone will love you for it.
  3. National proposal day: 20th March. Okay, so I imagine this day was created with marriage proposals in mind, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t propose something totally crazy to upper management. If you want to introduce a monthly medieval themed banquet in the office, write a proposal!
  4. National make lunch count day: 13th April. Are you guilty of eating your £3 meal deal at your desk? Invite your colleagues out for something tasty.
  5. National receptionist day: 9th May. Does your office have a receptionist? Do something nice for them!
  6. National bring your dog to work day: 23rd June. If you can remember how excited you got on that rare occasion that a dog would run on to the playground at school as a kid, then you’re going to love national bring your dog to work day. Someone in the office has got to own a dog, right?
  7. National fried chicken day: 6th July. This is another lunch themed day, but everyone needs a bit more fried chicken in their lives. If you’re in London, you need to check Mother Clucker out.
  8. National Sponge Cake Day: 23rd August. What is the single most important moment in August? The day The Great British Bake Off is back on our teles. Why not have your own office bake off?
  9. National one-hit wonder day: 25th September. Macarena, Who let the dogs out?, Come on Eileen and that one by Chumbawamba. There are plenty of Spotify playlists for this; pick one and stick it one for the rest of the office to enjoy.
  10. National cat day: 29th October. If there can be a national bring your dog to work day, why can’t cats have their own day in the office too? Oh, probably because they’re too busy judging  you.
  11. National play Monopoly day: 19th November. I’m a sucker for a boardgame night. Stay late at the office or take the Monopoly board out to the pub… and no cheating!
  12. National sock day: 4th December. Fancy-dress may not be welcome in all offices, but national sock day is the perfect occasion to show off your novelty socks. And it’s definitely okay to be wearing Christmas socks at this time of the year too!

What national days do you celebrate at work?

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