Day in the life: working from home

Some people absolutely love it, but I don’t like working from home unless I really have to. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been feeling a little under the weather this week, so I’ve chosen to work from home to prevent my coughs and sneezes from spreading diseases.

Yesterday morning I had a video call with three other colleagues, and it just so happened that they were working from home too. It made me wonder how many people actually made it into the office at all. As an Office Manager, I do spend the majority of my time in the office, who’d have thought? It’s hard to top-up the stationery cupboard, sort the post and run errands from home. However, about 50% of the company work remotely and haven’t even stepped inside of the office. Working from home works out well for some people and not so much for others.

When I do work from home, I always kickoff an hour or two before I would if I was in the office. For a start, the commute from my bed to my desk is much quicker than from my house to the office. At about 9am, I start thinking about breakfast and usually treat myself to something I wouldn’t be able to have at work (Yesterday it was beans on toast!). At about 9:30, I start thinking about food again and pop my head into the fridge; I do this roughly every hour.

I’m not going to lie, I will sometimes pop the TV on. However, it’s no more distracting than if I was to have music or a podcast on in the background whilst working. So far, I haven’t accidentally addressed any of my emails to Holly, Phil or Jeremy Kyle.

The best thing about working from home is that I can cook myself something nice for lunch. No £3 meal deals or microwaved leftovers from the night before. The worst thing about working from home is that I usually have a step count of about 80; bed to desk, desk to fridge, fridge to toilet, toilet to desk. On an average day, I get about 12,000.

I know that some companies, such as Buffer, don’t have an office at all, meaning all employees need to work at home/ co-working space. I kind of like the idea of “going to work” and then having home time as something to look forward to. After a while, I do get tired of my own company!

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